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Mike Daisey Follow-Up

24th April 2007
by Scot

Mike Daisey Follow-Up

Well, I’m thrilled to report that the group that walked out of Mike Daisey’s show at the ART was from out-of-town. Haha, I know that really makes no difference at all, but I do find it somehow comforting.

Turns out they were a high school group — a choir from a public high school performing in Boston. It’s interesting that members of the group identify themselves as a Christian group when they were from a public school. And the walkout was not planned in advance, really.

Well, heck, just read the excellent summary by Playbill or read the long version on Daisey’s blog in which he details the follow-up phone call he had with the water-pouring vandal.

Make sure to read the part about it being a “security issue”. Sends chills down my spine.

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