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Halfway Through the Movie Year

4th July 2007
by Michael

Halfway Through the Movie Year

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Chris beat me to it, but as it’s halfway through the year, I thought I’d report in on my favorite films of 2007 so far. It’s been a strong year for film so far. When I did my first cut for my top 10 so far, I came up with 15 films. Of course, I am including films that I saw at Film Festivals as well as general release. Usually the fall brings an influx of strong independent film so theoretically there will be lots of exciting film to come. That and the Toronto International Film Festival in September will certainly change the landscape of my top films. You can find reviews for many of these films at the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film site. And without further ado…

  1. Away from herAway from her
  2. Linda! Linda! Linda!
  3. Monkey Warfare
  4. Waitress
  5. Once
  6. Protagonist
  7. Climates
  8. The Secret Life of Words
  9. The Wayward Cloud
  10. The Lives of Others
  11. America the Beautiful
  12. Paprika
  13. The Bubble
  14. Brand Upon the Brain
  15. Colma: the Musical

It’s a great international showing so far, with ten different countries represented by the 15 films. After last year’s disappointing showing, Canadian films are represented three times, most notably in the 1st and 3rd spots. Four of the Top 1o films featured women directors, including the #1 film, and the top rated documentary.

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