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Carol Channing Reincarnated Early

20th December 2007
by Scot

Carol Channing Reincarnated Early

My dear friend Hilary sent me this post from the Go Fug Yourself blog comparing Janine Turner, previously of Northern Exposure looking uncannily like my role model Carol Channing. First, check out the pic.

Janine as Carol

Jessica of GFY ponders whether Ms. Turner is playing Channing in a biopic, a theory I cannot substantiate, thank goodness. It may, in fact, be time for the Channing biopic and Turner is about the right age (45), since Carol originally played Hello, Dolly! at about the same age. But I’m not too sure about the casting if it turns out to be true. More likely, Turner is suffering a mid-life crisis and decided she “needed a little softness around her face” (ala The Merm) in light of her recent birthday on December 6.

Besides, don’t we need a Bea Lillie biopic (starring Kathy Najimy or Molly Shannon) first?

But if you really want to compare that hairdo with the real thing … well, you can do that yourself. It’s more fun to compare it with my Channing ventriloquist doll!

Carol Doll

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