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How old is your child?

17th April 2008
by Scot

How old is your child?

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Mmmm… Pizza RollsMichael just got home (at six a.m., ugh) from San Francisco where he’d spent several days at a library conference. I really turn into a worthless slug when he’s away and can’t sleep very well. And this time was compounded by a mysterious sore throat, achiness, and fatigue. Not sure if it was a cold or allergies.

But the one good thing about being a temporary bachelor is that I get to shop for groceries Michael would never eat. Here’s a partial list from my Sunday afternoon excursion:

Hostess Cupcakes, chocolate
TGI Fridays’ Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins
Wonder Bread
American Cheese Slices, the orange kind
Turkey and Ham Hot Pockets, now with more meat
Fritos Bean Dip
Ham and Swiss Lunchables
Turkey and American Lunchables, the orange kind
Totino’s Pepperoni Pizza Rolls, 90 count

“Um, he’s eight. But he’s only visiting for a few days. I just have to keep him happy till Thursday.”

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