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Something I NEVER thought I’d see

14th September 2008
by Michael

Something I NEVER thought I’d see

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So, during the first two or three years of the 1980s, my favorite band was a little South African outfit called Spider.  They had one top 40 hit called “New Romance (It’s A Mystery)” but became better known for a what a couple of their members went on to do after the band broke up.  Anton Fig was their drummer, and he was well-known for performing nightly on the David Letterman show.  Holly Knight played keyboards, and she went on to be a famous songwriter who wrote songs for the likes of Tina Turner, Pat Benatar, Heart, Aerosmith and many, many more.

Having missed my one chance to see them live (they were supposed to open for Alice Cooper at the Cape Cod Coliseum and I bought tickets but the show was cancelled!) and never having known them to shoot a video, I thought my chances of ever seeing them perform — even faking it — were nil.  Well, leave it to YouTube. You’ll recognize the song because Tina Turner went on to make it a huge hit.  However, Spider recorded it first, and this version will always be the one I remember and cherish the most.  (Although it’s edited way down in this clip.)

Feast your eyes on this!

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