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New Library Service Ideas

30th November 2008
by Scot

New Library Service Ideas

Came across this blog post today. Got me thinking about how differently her experience would be if we had online communities on the library web site. As Web Services Manager for the Boston Public Library, its something I think we really need, but I sure hadn’t considered the direct user interaction she’s got in mind! Maybe we need to provide chat rooms too.


Since this post has been picked up by a few other blogs, I really guess I better be sure to point out that it’s entirely tongue in cheek. Well, not entirely. We do want to offer more user-participatory services on the BPL web site. But dating services and personals are not part of our current goals.

See? 😉   😉   😉   😉

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One Comment

  • Karin says:

    Scot —

    A comment for a comment, since we’re having so much fun directing traffic to each other’s sites….

    Thanks for the props on the writing and keep up the good work….you realize I would have nothing to write about at the library if the place didn’t have killer, easy wireless access and a killer-looking place to access it.


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