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Two Amazing Musical Finds on YouTube Thanks to blip.fm

23rd May 2009
by Michael

Two Amazing Musical Finds on YouTube Thanks to blip.fm

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I know, it’s been months. I’m sorry. I’ve been busy.

What has finally brought me back? Well, it’s a long convoluted path. It started this morning, reading my RSS feeds. David Lee King posted about how he keeps track of all his social networking connections. That inspired me to check out blip.fm (among other things) and that has occupied much of my evening. Through the course of blipping around, I discovered two videos on YouTube that I surely never thought I’d ever find. One I’ve never seen, and the other only partially once over 20 years ago.

Adventure Set was one of my favorite local bands in the early 80’s. Their radio hit, “Blue is for Boys,” had special meaning for me as a young gay man trying to sort out my identity. I still listen to that song quite often, and finding this video of a live performance of the song was super exciting. Check it out.

The other musical find isn’t nearly as cool, in fact, it’s a little cheesy, but no less exciting for me. In the mid-80s I was a huge fan of Sandy Stewart. She wrote with Stevie Nicks on her second album, Wild Heart. In fact, she wrote the music for “If Anyone Falls,” one of Stevie’s hit singles. Sandy also had a solo album called Cat Dancers, which I really loved. I remember seeing the last minute or so of her one video, “Saddest Victory” on MTV, but never saw it again. Now, at last, it has appeared on YouTube. It’s oh-so dramatic, but I just love it. Enjoy.

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  • Paul Chisholm says:

    Did you see that Adventure Set got back together again? As a duo with Ken Scales and Mark Poithier(? SP). They have a Facebook page and have played a couple of shows, one at Middle East in Cambridge. Just read about it yesterday online.
    I’m the guy you sent a copy of their EP to a few years back.
    Take care,
    Paul Chisholm

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