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30 Day Song Challenge Day 21 – A Song That You Listen To When You’re Happy

2nd June 2011
by Michael

30 Day Song Challenge Day 21 – A Song That You Listen To When You’re Happy

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Okay, that’s more like it. There are tons of songs I listen to when I’m happy, but I will restrain myself to posting just two here. The first comes from one of my favorite artists, and lots of her songs make me happy. Her songs also make me laugh, make my cry, make me sad… She’s a true original, and her name, once and again, is Jane Siberry. This particular song isn’t the first song of hers I heard. It was from her third album (the second that I purchased). It was the first video of hers that I ever saw, and it’s a joyous, wacky video featuring Jane, the oddest family you’ve ever seen, and a very large cow. How can you not watch this video, and listen to this glorious song and not revel in its joy: Jane Siberry’s One More Colour.

Another song that I love to listen to when I’m happy comes from 80’s synth-pop band Book of Love. I just adore this song… it doesn’t matter that we sometimes affectionately called lead vocalist Susan Ottoviano, Miss Monotone, it’s a song full of joy and makes you want to dance. It’s also another song that I included on a mix tape that I made for my husband Scot when we first started dating, so I have a personal connection to it as well. Unfortunately, the only version I can find on YouTube is the 12″ version, which I enjoy, but not as much as I love the album version. Oh well, you’ll get the idea. Please enjoy Book of Love’s You Make Me Feel So Good.

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