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Thanks, I’ll Pass – and a Footnote

28th June 2011
by Michael

Thanks, I’ll Pass – and a Footnote

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This last batch of titles from the new DCnU relaunch are titles that I have no interest in at all. It would take some pretty high praise to get me to even take a look. Not that they might not be anyone else’s cup of tea.

  • All-Star Western (Gray; Palmiotti) – Not into Westerns.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight (Finch) – I’m giving one Batman title a try. That’s enough.
  • Batman and Robin (Tomasi; Gleason) – Ditto.
  • Blackhawks (Costa; Lashley) – Only Lady Blackhawk would make me pick this up and flip through it.
  • Captain Atom (Krul; Williams II) – For some reason, this one just doesn’t interest me at all. And I really don’t like the redesign — at least what I’ve seen of it so far.
  • Deathstroke (Higgins; Bennett) – Not interested.
  • The Flash – If it’s Wally West, I’ll flip through it, but I’m pretty sure it’s Barry Allen, one of DC’s most boring characters, and one that really, really didn’t need to come back.
  • Green Arrow (Krul; Jurgens) – This character has been so damaged in recent years that I have zero interest in seeing where he goes from here.
  • Green Lantern (Johns; Mahnke) – I really dislike Hal Jordan, so this one’s out for me.
  • Green Lantern Corps. (Tomasi; Pasarin) – Eh. I’m already trying on Green Lantern title. That’s enough for me.
  • Grifter (Edmonson; Cafu) – Nope.
  • I, Vampire (Fialkov; Sorrentino) – Ick. This looks terribiel
  • Men of War (Brenden; Derenick) – Not a fan of war comics.
  • Static Shock (McDaniel; Rozum) – This character just does nothing for me.
  • Superboy (Lobdell; Silva) – I suppose this one might surprise me, and I don’t have anything against Superboy, but from what I’ve seen so far, not interested.

As a footnote, the one DC title that isn’t involved in the relaunch that I’ll continue to pick up in Vertigo’s Fables. I’m actually a little surprised that there is only one Vertigo book that I’m going to read, but unless they start to focus more on the supernatural side of things, that’s how it will be. I guess with characters like John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Madame Xanadu, Animal Man, and Shade, the Changing Man all fully integrated into the mainstream DC Universe, there’s no reason to focus on them in Vertigo.

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