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My Top Books Read in 2011 – #’s 13 & 12

3rd January 2012
by Michael

My Top Books Read in 2011 – #’s 13 & 12

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We the Animals#13 – We the Animals by Justin Torres

A vibrant new voice in literature exploded on the scene in 2011.  Justin Torres creates a highly personal and fierce fictional account of three brothers growing up with a slightly lost white mother, and a macho Puerto Rican father. Justin Torres creates some powerful imagery as the boys range, play, fight, and grow up trying to figure out their place in the world.  The language is eloquent and uncompromising.  This slim volume packs a powerful punch.  I am looking forward to this young author’s next novel.



The Babysitter Murders#12 – The Babysitter Murders by Janet Young

Janet Ruth Young does it again, taking a difficult mental and emotional condition and turning into an entertaining, educational, and powerful young adult novel. In her first novel, The Opposite of Music, Janet tackles depression. In The Babysitter Murders, main character Dani struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The problem is, because she doesn’t understand her disorder, people think she’s a potential murderer, and that doesn’t play well in this sleepy, coastal New England town. Janet effectively shows how information (and misinformation) travels with such immediacy via the web, and kudos to her for slipping in Shelley’s storyline. Shelley is Dani’s best friend who is just coming to terms with her sexuality. The Babysitter Murders has more of a young adult feel to it than The Opposite of Music, but its accessible and disturbing at the same time, and well worth the read.

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