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MichaelMichael’s main passion is film. He founded and runs the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film, a non-profit organization that helps people view films actively. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Brattle Film Foundation, the non-profit organization that runs the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA. He recently joined the Nominating Committee for the Coolidge Award, a prestigious award given annually by the Coolidge Corner Foundation.

He is a particular fan of foreign film, and more specifically, modern Canadian films. His favorite directors include Atom Egoyan and Patricia Rozema, with actors-turned-directors Don McKellar and Daniel MacIvor catching his notice as well. He also has a love of many Asian films, particularly modern films from China and Japan.

By day, Michael is the Regional Administrator for the Boston Regional Library System. He has worked in libraries for over half his life, and the recent move to the Boston Public Library has been an exciting one for him. He is also the Conference Chairman for the Massachusetts Library Association and plans the annual conference for that group.

KogepanOne of his favorite vacations is watching 3-4 films a day at the Toronto International Film Festival. Loves planning and managing events, and hanging out with friends. Loves to find film, music, and books that move him. Cries easily at movies and at the turn of a beautiful melody. Windy days excite him; hates sudden loud noises. Loves Japanese pop culture, especially Kogepan, Hello Kitty, and the ilk. Big fan of Japanese monster movies, with Mothra being his favorite. Loves the Power Puff Gals. Not a big sports fan, but have growing interest with the sport of curling, and professional 9-Ball, particularly Jeanette Lee, “The Black Widow!” “Just because a movie makes me cry, doesn’t mean it’s any good.”


ScottieThis was really old and inaccurate. Now it’s pretty current (February 2015) but not too informative.

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