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Karaoke Dorkness

27th July 2009
by Scot

Karaoke Dorkness

Okay, I’m surrendering all pretense that I’m not a dork. A friend of mine from college posted several Facebook status updates to his profile lately that redirected to a site called SingSnap. What is SingSnap, do you ask? It’s online karaoke. No more, no less. But just think about it… we habitual karaoke-ers pick out our songs at home. We rehearse them. We learn every nuance of the original recording. And then after we humiliate ourselves in public, we try to learn the quirks of the karaoke recording track so we can do better next time.

Imagine if you had that power at home. The power to record and re-record at will. The power to add effects to your stage performance. The power of karaoke-social-networking. Mwah-ha-ha-haaaa….

I even bought a gold membership for six months before actually saving any of my recordings because it adds reverb and compression to your voice recording. I’m a sucker, I know. But listen to my first lame attempt. I can do better, I know, but I wanted to get this up for my friends suffering from heat exhaustion at the Library Leadership Institute for Massachusetts. Reports say that they spent the day in a non-air conditioned room all day when it was 90 degrees outside. It may have been upwards of 105 degrees inside!

12th November 2008
by Scot

Rhoda as Tallulah? Awesome.


I’m just ecstatic hearing that Valerie Harper (yeah, Mary’s Rhoda) is playing Tallulah Bankhead in a new play entitled Looped. Apparently, the title comes from the idea that the whole play takes place during an ADR session for Tallu’s classing Hammer horror film, Die! Die! My Darling!

I lost some respect for Valerie after she walked off the set of a show named after her. Jeesh, during the first season, even. Pretty freaking sad if you can replace her with Sandy Duncan and still manage to keep the series running for five more seasons. And that union president race against Laura Ingalls got pretty nasty. But this just may make up for all of that.

What? You haven’t seen Die! Die! My Darling!? Holy frijoles, get over here quick. I’m itching to watch it again, especially since Tallu plays a bible-thumping vegetarian who — once upon a time — was a … well, a loose, jazz-loving woman. Okay, she was a whore. And Stephanie Powers plays the mod girl Tallu kidnaps. And a very young Donald Sutherland plays the retarded groundskeeper. What’s not to love?!

14th October 2008
by Scot

My world is exploding

I saw it on the Herald and didn’t think about it too hard.

But Maureen McCormick was a bulimic, depressive, sex addict, fetus-killer, junkie who dated Michael Jackson.

Yeah, it’s the last part that hurts.

Oh yeah, and she made a C&W album. That’s not so cool either.

[Afterthought: The C&W album was really BAD. I have nothing against C&W as a concept.]


Oy. I had no idea that “Peter Brady”, Christopher Knight (the only one to actually grow up HOT) had a new show!

But since this “news” keeps on coming, I think it’s time to take this offline. Contact me if you have Brady love to share…

7th September 2008
by Scot

More awesome music

Okay, I’ve been humming “Jesus Is My Friend” all day long. Have you?

Seems to be the week for catchy YouTube ditties. Earlier this week, I saw a post about this one on geeksarsexy.com. The video is the 2007 award winning fan anime music video from the conference Animazement. It’s very nicely done, but the real treat is the song Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton. I’m not a programmer, but who can’t related to a song about unrequited love and a soul-killing workplace? Plus, I like Fritos too.

I was also tipped off this morning to the next gem, “I Hate Everyone” by Vinnie the Bitchen Barista. I’m not normally a fan of terribly negative songs, but the joyful video totally makes it fun. The song is so bouncy too. I think it may get me through the next several weeks at work, which are likely to be trying. The language in the song is … well, a tad strong … so don’t blast this at work. And I won’t even tell you which phrase sticks in my head, but I bet you can guess.

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13th July 2008
by Scot

Michael won’t let me get a motorcycle

I think this is why. But maybe he doesn’t know that we don’t do this in the U.S.

16th June 2008
by Scot

Win At Yelling!

(Yeah, Michael posts book reviews and I post stupid videos. Something for everyone, right?)

I think my geek status has lapsed! You’ve probably seen this already, but I totally missed the new beverage of choice for nerds: Brawndo, The Thirst Mutilator! I usually get Red Bull every week at the grocery, but apparently, I’m a totally wuss for buying the teeny cans of pee-yellow, slightly carbonated, “gives you wings” beverage. I need to upgrade to the lime-jello-colored, half-quart, ass-kicking, made with five kinds of sugar, manly-man drink!

Just look at their awesome ad campaign. You gotta love a drink that argues “Drink BRAWNDO and not WATER because WATER is from the TOILET!!!”

19th February 2008
by Scot

The Musical Minority

For all of you who may have chuckled at me behind my back for loading up my MP3 player with digital copies of Carol Channing and Bea Lillie LPs, I have one thing to say to you: So there! Check out what Chris Caggiano over at Everything I Know I Learned From Musicals just discovered he can do.

The embarrassing part is that we both admit to having LPs of Let My People Come that we actually listen to. Well, that and my Carol Channing ventriloquist puppet.

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14th February 2008
by Scot

Hello Kitty Online!

Hello Kitty OnlineIt’s almost here! Sign up now for the closed beta of the game of the century! You better believe that I have!

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23rd August 2007
by Scot

Sing along — You know the words!

I was just saying to Michael that I’m waiting for the day the Village People get their props — not as artists, of course, but as truly brilliant subversive social revolutionaries. Doesn’t it make you giggle to think of millions of sporting fans the world-over semaphoring along to a song about gay sex?

And how brilliant would it be to hear it in Finnish?

I love how this man dances.

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1st August 2007
by Michael

Is Helen Slater Revisiting Supergirl?

Helen SlaterDo you know who the lovely lady pictured at left is? (Okay, I’m betting that the title of this blogpost gave it away.) Who here has thought of Helen Slater recently? Well, as the proud owner of the SUPERGIRL DVD, I surely recognized Helen Slater’s name when it appeared in this Newsarama blogpost. Helen Slater and several of her films are surely some of my guiltiest pleasures, in fact, I challenge you to find anyone who has seen and for the most part enjoyed, all of Helen Slater’s first five feature films: SUPERGIRL, THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN, RUTHLESS PEOPLE, THE SECRET OF MY SUCCE$S, and STICKY FINGERS. After that (okay, some might say sometime in the middle of that) Helen’s film career took a downward turn, but I just found out that she has been doing some respectable television work of late, including episodes of “Seinfeld,” “Will & Grace,” “Boston Public,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Grey’sHelen Slater as Supergirl Anatomy,” and “Crossing Jordan.” Now Newsday.com reports that Helen may play Supergirl’s aunt in upcoming episodes of “Smallville!” How cool is that?

What’s even cooler is that I have discovered that Helen has her own website, and that she has released not one, but two CDs as a singer/songwriter/pianist. Also, in keeping with her heroic origins, Slater and Jake Black, a comic-book writer from “Smallville” magazine, have submitted a Supergirl pitch for DC Comics. Now that’s something I’d love to see.

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