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Blast from my musical past!

16th May 2008
by Michael

Blast from my musical past!

I’ve been grooving on a lot of early 80’s Boston, local music lately, like November Group, Face to Face, Adventure Set, Private Lightning, and this seminal Boston band, Berlin Airlift. Songwriter/leader Rick Berlin is a Boston institution, and you can still find him hanging out in Jamaica Plain. This song, “Over the Hill (I Love You)” and Berlin Airlift the band, was so important to this incipient fag when I was solidifying my identity. The songs were clearly coded and from the point of view of a gay man. What a find this video is!

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23rd April 2008
by Scot

“I see much traveling in your future…”

Holy moley. First [title of show] announces its Broadway run!

[title of show]

Then, I hear Martha Plimpton is going to be doing Top Girls!

Martha Plimpton

And nowJeremy Piven in Speed The Plow?! (Without Madonna?!) Swoon.

Jeremy Piven

(Well, actually, I swoon over Jeremy Piven for any reason.)

Hunky Piven

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23rd August 2007
by Scot

Sing along — You know the words!

I was just saying to Michael that I’m waiting for the day the Village People get their props — not as artists, of course, but as truly brilliant subversive social revolutionaries. Doesn’t it make you giggle to think of millions of sporting fans the world-over semaphoring along to a song about gay sex?

And how brilliant would it be to hear it in Finnish?

I love how this man dances.

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13th July 2007
by Scot

I’d be buying if I were single!

One bad thing about DVR: you miss the commercials. I’m bummed that I didn’t see this fantastic ad when it aired during Heroes. eHarmony totally deserves the slam, those right-wing Christian bastards.

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12th June 2007
by Scot

Don’t tell

Sexy SoldierPentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A ‘Gay Bomb’

A Berkeley watchdog organization that tracks military spending said it uncovered a strange U.S. military proposal to create a hormone bomb that could purportedly turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals and make them more interested in sex than fighting.

Read the whole story

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25th March 2007
by Scot

It’s Raining 300 Men

C’mon. You had the same thought the first time you saw the trailer for 300.

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20th May 2006
by Scot

Who’s the little guy?

Oh, my goodness, I just found the wonderful blog Irregular Times. And this post from last year made me nearly dissolve into a puddle of giggly goo. Thank you, God, for creating the Web so smart people can make fun of dumb people.
Marriage Threesome Bumper Sticker

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22nd January 2006
by Scot

Now, THIS Is Interesting…

Why are pastors opposing Chad Allen’s Christian role?

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18th July 2005
by Scot

Remember grade school, when everyone was ‘gay?’

Michael’s friend Shirley was visiting this week from Alabama. Today, she brought her three kids into the city to visit Michael at work. While they were in his office, Michael was pointing out our cool wedding announcement to Shirley.

“You mean you guys are married?” asks Eric, who’s about seven years old.

“Yep,” says Michael. “We can do that in Massachusetts or in Canada.”

“If you were in Alabama, you’d be gay.”

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24th September 2004
by Scot

I Dream of Jeannie = Fight Club?

Maybe it’s that I’ve just been laying in bed for hours on end trying to shake this cold/flu/whatever I’ve got, but I had the craziest idea regarding everyone’s favorite Barbara Eden sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie. You know how Bewitched is often cited as a coded sitcom about a gay couple? Samantha has to keep her natural flamboyancies hidden and keep her friends and family out of the living room so Dirwood won?t be ?outed?? Well, even more prevalent are arguments about which magic gal could kick her rival’s butt: Jeannie vs. Samantha. It’s a tempting debate. The two shows are pretty similar. So, following the thought… is there also hidden homo-subtext in Jeannie?

I Dream of Fight ClubIt’s kind of hard to just lay the Bewitched template on top of Jeannie. Tony doesn’t have to explain to anyone why Jeannie’s a little wacky. He totally keeps her out of sight from everyone but his best friend, Roger. (Okay, later they get married and stuff, but I’m talking about the original concept for the show.) And while Jeannie’s fellow genies show up now and then, Tony’s not afraid that they won’t behave — he’s petrified they’ll be seen at all! Endora’s pretty eccentric at first glance, but anyone in puffy pants and a fez is pretty hard to take seriously.

So if Jeannie and Tony aren’t a gay couple, why is the Major so uptight? Consider this: his greatest fear is that Dr. Bellows, a military psychiatrist, will discover what he’s bottled up — something that his horny best friend would love to get at. He’d love to get rid of it (remember, this is 1965), but it just won’t go away! It could easily make his life much more enjoyable, but he’s in total denial.

Yep. Jeannie is Tony’s inner gay boy. I can’t wait for the movie adaptation. Much more interesting than Fight Club, wouldn’t you say?

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