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Another creepy visitor

12th January 2010
by Scot

Another creepy visitor

The wildlife on our back porch has been pretty quiet since winter hit. None of those visitors I saw on Halloween. But this morning, I went out back to find this bird of prey enjoying his breakfast on a limb about five feet away from the deck. (And by breakfast, I mean another bird.)

A hawk with a bird in its talons

The beauty of nature... being eaten by a hawk.

And if you want to see the feathers fly, check this out. It’s HD, so go ahead and fill your screen.

10th August 2007
by Scot

The Wind… Part Two!

Given the popularity of my previous post, The Wind, I just had to put this Daily Show clip up! These are the fools I dedicated the previous post to…

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8th July 2007
by Scot

The Wind

To everyone who lives on Cape Cod:

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11th September 2006
by Scot

Is it just me? Or did the Amazon River just get warmer?

I was just watching a show about parasites on The Science Channel. For God’s sake, if you visit the Amazon, don’t pee in the water.

(This Candir? shown several times larger than actual size.)

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