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Another creepy visitor

12th January 2010
by Scot

Another creepy visitor

The wildlife on our back porch has been pretty quiet since winter hit. None of those visitors I saw on Halloween. But this morning, I went out back to find this bird of prey enjoying his breakfast on a limb about five feet away from the deck. (And by breakfast, I mean another bird.)

A hawk with a bird in its talons

The beauty of nature... being eaten by a hawk.

And if you want to see the feathers fly, check this out. It’s HD, so go ahead and fill your screen.

13th November 2009
by Scot

A Disgrace to His Profession

3 Dollar BillMaybe you’ve seen this, but a Purdue library science professor and government documents librarian has blogged An Economic Case Against Homosexuality. Yes, it’s as ludicrous as it sounds. I’m leaving this off my professional blog, as it has little to do with librarianship, other than the fact that Professor Bert Chapman displays no traits of a librarian, despite his blog title “Conservative Librarian.”

You’ll see a comment by me… two, if they approve my last one. Not that I doubt it’s rationality, but it’s close to the 2,000 character limit they put on comments, so it may be held in moderation. Or then again, it may have been flushed down the toilet. It’s in response to a commenter named Adriana who takes me to task for bringing up the taboo of the “facts” Prof. Chapman’s economic publication lacks.

Here is my follow up, in case they don’t publish it:


The facts Prof. Chapman presents, but does not cite are:

1. Not only does he not cite his source of data, but Prof. Chapman attributes US Government expenditures on AIDS to a support of what he deems “a homosexual lifestyle.” Though he recognizes that the disease is spread by many means, he still presents it as a moral issue. But regardless, a librarian must state where his numbers come from and what “expenditures on this disease” encompass.

2. He cites as fact that behavior he deems immoral taints our blood supply without support of fact.

3. Chapman also claims that rape of male inmates by fellow males is a drain on taxpayer dollars. Does he cite how many of the offenders are homosexual? It may seem unthinkable to you, but heterosexual males rape men. I see no citations to established facts to support his claims that homosexual men are draining US tax dollars in this way.

4. At long last, the educated librarian cites an external work, “Do Domestic Partner Benefits Make Good Economic Sense?” by The Corporate Resource Center. He claims that it is available on a web site, but does not provide a URL. He does not even qualify where this center is or what affiliation it has, if any, to a larger organization. I challenge anyone to find this work available on the web. For this fraud alone, Prof. Chapman should be censured, at the very least.

5. Finally, the learned professor closes with a long list of ways that heterosexual entitlements may be diminished by the acknowledgment of same-sex relationships. There are no numbers given. There are no longitudinal studies cited. There is only the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) tactics of a frightened man with no other defense. The last paragraph reminds me of the FUD tactics of white families in the 1960’s who would incite neighborhood hatred against black families moving in, in the name of “decreased property values.”

I am not arguing against Prof. Chapman’s points. He has none.

The student furor over his blog post has led to calls for his dismissal from the university. Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first antigay blog post he’s written.

Update: I totally forgot to thank the dude who alerted me to this fiasco! Rob at wakingupnow.com is a really great blogger who has a fierce, but reasoned approach to civil action. Thank you, Rob. You set a good example.

31st October 2009
by Scot

A Halloween Visitor

Michael lost our digital camera during a recent business trip to San Francisco. Perfect excuse to whip out the Best Buy card and upgrade. I don’t normally take many pictures, but felt inspired when I discovered our new neighbor on the back porch this afternoon.

Not so itsy-bitsy. More nickel-sized.

Not so itsy-bitsy. More nickel-sized.

He/she was up near the top of the covering of our back porch.

He/she was up near the top of the covering of our back porch.

You can just barely make out the web from the other side. Up near the corner.

You can just barely make out the web from the other side. Up near the corner.

Hooray! I can use manual focus!

Hooray! I can use manual focus!

8th November 2008
by Scot

Pups Who Love Too Much

Quite by accident, I found myself watching a Canadian, computer-generated children’s cartoon called Turbo Dogs this afternoon. I’m a little concerned about the behavior of these professional race car-driving pooches.

In the segment I watched, one pup, appropriately named Stinkbert, is disturbed to realize that he may have put the damper on a fellow cur’s birthday celebration because of his foul smell. See, Stinkbert’s got a rather significant problem, not only with hygeine, but with behavior. His offensive odor is not caused by, you know, anything internal, but rather because of his compulsive need to roll in refuse. Yes. Stinkbert is a garbage addict.

Once he realizes the apparent effect his problem has on his dear friends, Stinbert — to his credit — decides to get clean. Literally. He learns to bathe, disinfect his home, and with much difficulty, even withstand violent compulsive urges to roll around in the trash. However, since no one helps him with behavior modification, he’s left with nothing to do but sit bored, contemplating the satisfaction he’s denying himself every second.

Eventually, Stinkbert overhears his friends’ plans to meet at the municipal dump. Unable to restrain himself any longer, he speeds off in his convertible, intent on a full hedonistic waste binge. Though one canine races alongside him pleading with him to come to his senses and reconsider, he blasts off in a dangerous burst of speed and reaches the junk pile where his remaining friends are urging him not to enter.

Obviously distraught by his conflicting desires, he implores them to stand aside, claiming “I am sorry. I tried to get clean for you, but I’ve just gotta be me!” His comrades eventually relent because they say that they never wanted him to change. In fact, they have been at the dump setting up a “stink party” for Stinkbert to celebrate his valiant attempts to get clean. Stinkbert immediately commences rolling in discarded fish parts vowing to get clean once again, but not for his or his friends’ well being. Rather, he wants to repeat the torturous exercise again because it makes the high of getting smelly all the more potent.

The vignette ends with the enabling pooches placing clothespins on their snouts so they may continue to ignore their loved one’s serious problem.

Sad. That’s all I can say. I wish Stinkbert well and hope that some day he finds within himself the courage and strength to overcome his addiction. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

14th October 2008
by Scot

Am I still a democrat?

If I’m saying, “Another Great Depression? Bring it on!”

Just a little sick of the band-aids.

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27th September 2008
by Scot

Miss Teen South Carolina for President

My officemate Michael K. made a very astute observation yesterday and the more I review the evidence, the more I agree with him.

Remember this?

Strikingly similar to this, isn’t it?

8th September 2008
by Scot

Bring crack, too

Under the category of WTF-ness I’ve missed is this lovely story about how some teachers in Texas can bring guns to school. You know, for protection. I’m sure the added firearms will make it more difficult for students to go on murder-suicide rampages.

Um, WTF??!

22nd August 2008
by Scot

Making Babies

I’m a little surprised to learn from MakeMeBabies.com that if Michael and I made a baby, it would be Indian.

Here’s the visual proof. Isn’t Baby Giblets adorable?

Baby Giblets

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13th July 2008
by Scot

Michael won’t let me get a motorcycle

I think this is why. But maybe he doesn’t know that we don’t do this in the U.S.

5th July 2008
by Scot

Me as Michael Jackson

Ever wonder what you would look like after a face lift? Don’t. Below are my before-and-after results from LiftMagic.com. I look like a frickin alien, no? To be fair, I did crank up every possible “enhancement” to 100%, but this confirmed one thing for me. You cannot improve on the perfection of my beautiful face. (Ha.)

Me with plastic surgery

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