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OMG. Why?

14th May 2008
by Scot

OMG. Why?

Need I say any more than that? See http://manbabies.com. (Thanks to Bitter Cup of Joe for making me lie awake all night with this image in my head. WTF, indeed.)

Scary baby heads on adults and vice versa

1st April 2008
by Scot

Watch. Just wait for it…

This is remarkable. It’s almost as if he planned it… but I’m quite certain he didn’t!

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28th March 2008
by Scot

A sequel to WHAT?!

What an incredibly bad idea. Why does Phantom of the Opera need a sequel? (For that matter, why did it need a film?)

From Playbill On-Line:

Lloyd Webber will have book and music credit on the Phantom sequel, in which the title character travels with Coney Island around 1900 and is reunited with soprano Christine. The show is not based on source material.


One of the reported titles of the new project was Phantom in Manhattan. Frederick Forsyth, who wrote a novel called “The Phantom of Manhattan,” was reportedly working with Lloyd Webber on the sequel in its early stages, but that is no longer the case.

Desperate much, Sir Andrew?

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20th December 2007
by Scot

Carol Channing Reincarnated Early

My dear friend Hilary sent me this post from the Go Fug Yourself blog comparing Janine Turner, previously of Northern Exposure looking uncannily like my role model Carol Channing. First, check out the pic.

Janine as Carol

Jessica of GFY ponders whether Ms. Turner is playing Channing in a biopic, a theory I cannot substantiate, thank goodness. It may, in fact, be time for the Channing biopic and Turner is about the right age (45), since Carol originally played Hello, Dolly! at about the same age. But I’m not too sure about the casting if it turns out to be true. More likely, Turner is suffering a mid-life crisis and decided she “needed a little softness around her face” (ala The Merm) in light of her recent birthday on December 6.

Besides, don’t we need a Bea Lillie biopic (starring Kathy Najimy or Molly Shannon) first?

But if you really want to compare that hairdo with the real thing … well, you can do that yourself. It’s more fun to compare it with my Channing ventriloquist doll!

Carol Doll

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25th October 2007
by Scot

Have an awesome Halloween and don’t get eaten!

This just in from Commoncraft, the fantastic folks who produced the tech-tastic Social Bookmarking in Plain English and RSS in Plain English videos. Finally, something helpful! Sheesh.

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24th April 2007
by Scot

Mike Daisey Follow-Up

Well, I’m thrilled to report that the group that walked out of Mike Daisey’s show at the ART was from out-of-town. Haha, I know that really makes no difference at all, but I do find it somehow comforting.

Turns out they were a high school group — a choir from a public high school performing in Boston. It’s interesting that members of the group identify themselves as a Christian group when they were from a public school. And the walkout was not planned in advance, really.

Well, heck, just read the excellent summary by Playbill or read the long version on Daisey’s blog in which he details the follow-up phone call he had with the water-pouring vandal.

Make sure to read the part about it being a “security issue”. Sends chills down my spine.

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21st April 2007
by Scot

In *Cambridge*?

Who wants to see some theatre?

Daniel MacIvor posted tonight about a bizarre happening at a performance of Mike Daisey’s critically-acclaimed monologue Invincible Summer. But it wasn’t till I read the story that I remembered they guy was performing in town at the American Repertory Theatre!

According to the performer himself:

Last night’s performance of INVINCIBLE SUMMER was disrupted when eighty seven members of a Christian group walked out of the show en masse, and chose to physically attack my work by pouring water on and destroying the original of the show outline.

Daisey had just finished a joke about hypothetically having sex with Paris Hilton when the exodus occurred. Apparently, the collective objection was to the language Daisey used. Note that Daisey performs his extemporaneous monologues from hand written notes, so this was not merely a non-violent (if disruptive) gesture. It was an aggressive, destructive act.

I am just flummoxed. What kind of an impact is this meant to make in Cambridge, of all places? And is it just me, or is all the strange Patriot Act, media-is-destroying-our-children, Janet-Jackson-has-breasts stuff turning the more judgmental of our society into self-righteous vigilantes?

Read more about this crazy event on the ART blog and Mike Daisey’s own blog. (Same text in both places.) Or just watch the insanity unfold before your eyes here…

I intend to secure tickets to, if not this show which runs through next weekend, Mike Daisey’s Monopoly, which runs the following week. Let me know if you want to go too.

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11th September 2006
by Scot

Is it just me? Or did the Amazon River just get warmer?

I was just watching a show about parasites on The Science Channel. For God’s sake, if you visit the Amazon, don’t pee in the water.

(This Candir? shown several times larger than actual size.)

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24th April 2006
by Scot

Kathy Lee Gifford’s Under the Bridge!!!

Oh my God! Kathy Lee Gifford's Under the Bridge! Like a freaking troll!
I just found out (not that I asked) that Kathy Lee Gifford wrote the book and lyrics to a rather insipid-sounding Off-Broadway musical, Under the Bridge. Whoda thunk it?

I’m not about to buy the cast album and I hope no one ever subjects me to its contents. But I do like saying “Kathy Lee Gifford’s Under the Bridge!!!” and I hope to slip it into conversation for a while. Frequently.

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