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Win At Yelling!

16th June 2008
by Scot

Win At Yelling!

(Yeah, Michael posts book reviews and I post stupid videos. Something for everyone, right?)

I think my geek status has lapsed! You’ve probably seen this already, but I totally missed the new beverage of choice for nerds: Brawndo, The Thirst Mutilator! I usually get Red Bull every week at the grocery, but apparently, I’m a totally wuss for buying the teeny cans of pee-yellow, slightly carbonated, “gives you wings” beverage. I need to upgrade to the lime-jello-colored, half-quart, ass-kicking, made with five kinds of sugar, manly-man drink!

Just look at their awesome ad campaign. You gotta love a drink that argues “Drink BRAWNDO and not WATER because WATER is from the TOILET!!!”

24th April 2008
by Scot

Some Days I Really Want This

Don’t you just want to curl up inside it sometimes? I believe it’s called the “LeaveMeAloneBox”.

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22nd April 2008
by Scot

gOOgle, no. gOOgle, no. gOOgle, no. We’re not gonna do that!

I am in tears I just laughed so hard! Okay, this is made for a pretty specific audience, I’m afraid, but holy frijoles is it funny if you ever studied Beckett and follow technology news. OMG I need a glass of water!

And I’m going to be saying “Google” all day.

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