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Attend the church of your choice

6th September 2008
by Scot

Attend the church of your choice

When the dawn appears, you may be faced with many candidates. Here is my recommendation.

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16th June 2008
by Scot

Win At Yelling!

(Yeah, Michael posts book reviews and I post stupid videos. Something for everyone, right?)

I think my geek status has lapsed! You’ve probably seen this already, but I totally missed the new beverage of choice for nerds: Brawndo, The Thirst Mutilator! I usually get Red Bull every week at the grocery, but apparently, I’m a totally wuss for buying the teeny cans of pee-yellow, slightly carbonated, “gives you wings” beverage. I need to upgrade to the lime-jello-colored, half-quart, ass-kicking, made with five kinds of sugar, manly-man drink!

Just look at their awesome ad campaign. You gotta love a drink that argues “Drink BRAWNDO and not WATER because WATER is from the TOILET!!!”

31st May 2008
by Scot


Don’t think I blogged about it at the time, but I was a judge at the Boston citywide spelling bee that sent the first kid from this city ever to the Scripps spelling bee in Washington this year. It was really cool cause not only did I get to ring the bell that means “Wrong! You got it wrong!” but I also got to re-pronounce the word and use it in a sentence when asked. Too fun. And our winner was really good.

We didn’t have this word, though… Oh man, I wish we had. Incidentally, this is from this year’s finals of the national bee and this kid went on to win after spelling the word guerdon. What a guerdon is, though, is anyone’s guess.

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14th May 2008
by Scot

OMG. Why?

Need I say any more than that? See http://manbabies.com. (Thanks to Bitter Cup of Joe for making me lie awake all night with this image in my head. WTF, indeed.)

Scary baby heads on adults and vice versa

4th May 2008
by Scot

I’ll never understand

… why this was cut from Bombay Dreams. (Originally Tumbld by Michael’s buddy Jonno.)

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27th April 2008
by Scot

We should have gone grocery shopping today

And done it like this. I don’t know why this ad for Max Havelaar fair trade certified products amuses me so, but it does!

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1st April 2008
by Scot

Watch. Just wait for it…

This is remarkable. It’s almost as if he planned it… but I’m quite certain he didn’t!

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6th March 2008
by Scot

Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist

And in case you doubt the song, check out my new favorite entry from Overheard In New York:

Black lady: Listen, you camel jockey, I don’t care what you say, you was wrong to do that!
Middle Eastern man: Oh, shut up, you stupid nigga! I’m tired of hearing your shit! Go fuck yourself!
Black woman passerby: Oh my god, who the hell are you to be talking to my beautiful black sister like that?! You ain’t got no right to talk to anybody black like that!
Black lady: Bitch, who the shit are you? Don’t be talkin’ to my husband like that!

–W 4th St station

Overheard by: Mawg Spawn

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10th February 2008
by Scot


Just when you thought you’d seen every possible use of a blog, you stumble across a true work of genius. I don’t know why I’ve not seen Jessica Hagy’s blog Indexed before, but dang. She’s brilliant. She’s even publishing a book at the end of the month, and for once, it seems to actually make sense to me that a blogger’s posts be compiled in print.

All she does is to graphically represent on index cards, usually in the form of graphs or Venn diagrams, some little ironic observation about life. And surprise, surprise — she works in advertising. Just dig this latest one.

Target/Walmart Card from Indexed

Isn’t that genius? Book = want.

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6th February 2008
by Scot

I haven’t laughed this hard in months

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